Reflections From Scholarship Recipients

“Receiving this scholarship has greatly reduced the financial burden of my family, given me peace of mind, and will allow me to continue to pursue my educational dreams. I greatly appreciate your generous financial support and the opportunity to pursue both my educational and extracurricular dreams.”

“Your investment in my education humbles me, and I am now more driven than ever to create a fully rewarding education experience for myself. Your gift is not only assisting my financial needs in the present, but it is ensuring my success in the future. I greatly appreciate the value you have put on giving back to society. You have made my path through formal education easier so that I can gain more from it. It is my personal vision to guide young adults to gain a meaningful education as you have for me. You are quite literally enabling my education and securing my ability to serve everyone around me.”

“It means so much to me and I find it hard to express my gratitude in just a short page. Your scholarship has allowed me to once again focus on school, rather than the stress of supporting my education and my family. It has been such a huge relief to receive this scholarship and I’m looking forward to the upcoming semester and the opportunities it will bring. Again, thank you for your giving; I am extremely grateful for your generosity.”

“All these things are possible for me because of kind people like you who understand the importance of a college education; not just for preparing young adults for their careers, but for adulthood and how to be dynamic members of their communities, whatever their vocations. I plan to embrace my time at the U of M to the fullest, and then give back to the community after I graduate, just as you have given back through your generous scholarships. Thank you so much.”

“One day I hope to be able to give back to future university students as you have too many others and me.
Your support makes a huge difference in that I would not be able to afford college if it weren’t for you and other philanthropists like you who were willing to contribute to things like this. I hope you know that your donation will not go to waste in that I will work my hardest in school and do my best in college. Eventually, I will use my education to become a prominent dietitian, making the world healthier one person at a time. Though these aspirations will all be the result of hard work and perseverance, none of it would have been possible if it wasn’t for your generosity and altruism. I sincerely thank you for everything you’ve done.”

“Your generosity helps alleviate the financial burden higher education leaves and serves as an inspiration as I continue with my studies. Attending the University has been a life changing experience and has been made the all the more possible with gifts from generous donors like you. Once again, I would like to thank you for your generosity and the personal investment and good faith you have put into my future.”