Message from the Interim Department Head

gary reineccius headshot 2017

Welcome to another academic year!

We look forward to the start of the semester on September 4th. We miss the activity/energy that students bring to the department. Summer for most of us was a time of playing catch-up, i.e. trying to get those things done that there just wasn’t time for during the school season. Now we are starting to get back in gear planning how we will teach our classes and making revisions to continually develop and provide the best opportunities for our students.

As usual in life we are offered a number of challenges and fortunately, rewards for the coming year. The two major challenges we face at this time include selecting a new department head and finding instructors and graduate and undergraduate student help to teach classes. We have formed a search committee to begin the process of filling the department head position. The position has been defined and is on our website. If you are interested, or know of someone you believe would make good department head, go to our website and see how to apply. Your help is appreciated.

I am sad to note that Renee Rosen, a key member of our nutrition faculty, passed away on August 27th. It will be difficult to replace her enthusiasm and energy, but she gave us many great tools to best instruct our students. Additionally, Carrie Earthman, director of the DPD program and instructor for MNT1 and MNT2, has found a great opportunity at the University of Delaware and will be leaving us at the end of this calendar year.

What has impressed me in dealing with these losses is the willingness of the local academic community to step up and teach the needed classes. We anticipate our students will be served well in the interim.

We are fortunate that life continues to bring us rewards. Our newsletter will talk about many of the accomplishments of the past few months and give a hint of what is to come. We look forward to seeing our students return; both those currently enrolled and those who have graduated in the past. It is a delight when one of our past graduates stops in to see what we’re up to.

On a personal note I had the pleasure this week of hosting the daughter of one of my graduate students from 1995 (she is attending orientation to begin classes at the U this fall). It is always great to see the next generation.

Gary Reineccius