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Linda J. Brady

Linda Brady Ph.D., Professor
Department of Food Science and Nutrition
Phone: (612) 624-9211
Fax:  (612) 625-5272


My research focuses on the following topics: nutraceuticals, health literacy, dietary supplements, sports nutrition, cross-cultural health, and health and environment.


Resident and Outreach Teaching

Selected Scholarship 

Zook, C., Varcoe, J., Busta, F.F. & Brady L.J. (submitted February 2002) Genetic analysis of pathogenicity factors in the atypical foodborne pathogen Escherichia coli O39:NM and in the mouse-pathogenic Citrobacter rodentium.

Varcoe, J., Zook, C.D., Busta, F. F., & Brady, L.J. (2003) Prophylactic feeding of Lactobacillus acidophilus to mice attenuates overt colonic hyperplasia. Jour. Food Prot. 66, 457-465.

Sui, J., Leighton, S.J., Busta, F.F., & Brady, L.J. (2002) 16s rDNA analysis of the fecal lactobacilli composition of human subjects consuming a probiotic strain Lactobacillus acidophilus. J. Appl. Micro. 93, 907-912.

Varcoe, J., Zook, C.D., Sui, J., Leighton, S.B., Busta, F.F. & Brady, L.J. (2002) Variable response to exogenous Lactobacillus acidophilus delivered in different vehicles. J. Appl. Micro. 93, 900-906.

Zook, C.D., Busta, F.F. & Brady, L.J. (2001) Sublethal sanitizer stress and adaptive response of Escherichia coli O157:H7. Jour. Food Protection, 64: 767-769.

Brady, L.J., Gallaher, D.D. & Busta, F.F. (2000) The role of probiotic cultures in the prevention of colon cancer. Jour. Nutr. February, 2000.



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