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Leonard F. Marquart

Len Marquart Ph.D., R.D., Associate Professor
Department of Food Science and Nutrition
267 FScN
Phone: (612) 624-3255
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My long-term goal is to provide scientific evidence that will help create an infrastructure that increases the availability and consumption of grain-based foods with enhanced nutritional qualities. This effort must be undertaken within the confines of overall nutritional quality, cost/budgetary constraints and consumer taste appeal. In addition, the role of major sectors (government, industry, academia) and major disciplines (biological, behavioral and technology) must work together to successfully impact this area.

My current area of research includes whole grains and health; individual, environmental and behavioral factors influencing barriers, motivators and consumption of whole grain foods. Our group is examining the supply chain related to the gradual incorporation of whole grain foods into children’s diets through school foodservice. Among others we are using a video recording technique to examine the food practices of children in a cafeteria setting, a next step to investigate the role of accompanying foods and ingredients (fat, sugar, salt, fiber/resistant starch) on the dietary intake of whole grain foods. In addition, this technique may prove valuable in accessing the overall eating environment in a school cafeteria as it relates to obesity and other food-related issues.

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Selected Scholarship 

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