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Gary A. Reineccius

Gary Reineccius Professor and Department Head,
Co-Director Flavor Research and Education Center
Department of Food Science and Nutrition
225 FScN
Phone: (612) 624-3224
Fax: (612) 625-5272


My flavor research is focused on problem solving for the food and flavor industries. Thus, the projects we work on are quite diverse including identifying key components that characterize the desirable flavor of a food, the chemical characterization of off flavors in foods, identifying the mechanisms of flavor failure in foods, methods for the encapsulation of flavorings, techniques to impart controlled release to flavorings and others. We also have substantial research activity in beverage and cloud emulsions. We have considerable effort devoted to rapidly predicting the stability of emulsions, an evaluation of various materials for stabilizing beverage emulsions as well as work on new and novel emulsions.


Resident and Outreach Teaching

Selected Scholarship 

Reineccius, Gary A.  2008.  Flavoromics - the next frontier?    Abstracts of Papers, 235th ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, LA, United States, April 6-10, 2008.

Pozo-Bayón, María-Ángeles, Jean-Paul Schirlé-Keller, Gary A. Reineccius, 2008. Determining specific food volatiles contributing to PTR-MS ion profiles using gas chromatography-EI mass spectrometry J. Agric. Food Chem. 56(13), 5278-5284

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