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Spring 2013 Graduate Seminar

Graduate Seminar Schedule
Spring 2013

Spring 2013 Seminars are held Tuesdays, 3:30-4:30 p.m., in FScN Room 23 unless otherwise noted. If you are unable to attend the seminar in person, please consider viewing the presentation live via UMConnect. You may join the presentation at any time and a password is not needed. To view live, or see previous web casts anytime, simply enter as a guest via the UMConnect Web Seminar Recording link below the seminar and follow the prompts.

Jan 29   
Dr. Joellen Feirtag, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Extension Food Safety Specialist, UMN Department of Food Science and Nutrition
Electrochemically Activated Water: Application in Food, Environment and Agriculture

Feb 5   
Claire Rustad, MS Nutrition Student
A Nutrition Intervention Impacts Nutrition Attitudes, Knowledge, and Behavior in a Population of Low-Income Women                     
Advisor: Dr. Chery Smith

Feb 12   
Rocio Sepulveda Diaz, MS Food Science Student
Potential health risk of Clostridium difficile as a foodborne pathogen
Advisor: Dr. Francisco Diez-Gonzalez
Grant Nellis, MS Food Science Student
Hurdle strategies for preventing photo oxidation in cured lunch meats
Advisor: Dr. Ted Labuza


Feb 19   
Brittany Francis, MS Nutrition Student
Importance of a Sports Dietitian in College Athletics
Advisor: Dr. Linda Brady
Andy Lakanen, MS Nutrition Student
Transposing the Ikea Effect to School Lunch 
Advisor: Dr. Marla Reicks 


Feb 26   
Jon Puchalla, MS Nutrition Student
Determining factors in weight loss success at a university-based weight loss center
Advisor: Dr. Shalamar Sibley

Marissa Warnert, MS Nutrition Student
Cruciferous & Apiaceous Vegetable Effects on Prostate and Pancreatic Cancer
Advisor: Dr. Sabrina Trudo       

Webcast   (Marissa Warnert only)

Mar 5
Ian Ronningen, PhD Food Science Student
Chemometric Flavor Analysis Methods: Flavoromic Understanding of Citrus Freshness
Advisor: Dr. Devin Peterson       


Mar 12
Katie Osdoba, PhD Food Science Student
Good Mood Food: Identifying the relationships between our emotions and the food we eat  
Advisor: Dr. Zata Vickers


Mar 19
No Seminar: Spring Break

Mar 26
Ann Pataky, MS Food Science Student
The effects of sodium reduction, with and without KCl, on blue cheese chemistry
Advisor: Dr. Tonya Schoenfuss
Zhen Wang, MS Food Science Student
Producting Omega-3 Fatty Acids(PUFA) by Cultivating Algae in Soybean Biomass Medium
Advisor: Dr. Roger Ruan


Apr 2   
Yuwei Lu, MS Nutrition Student
2-hydrazinoquinoline as a novel derivatization agent for LC-MS-Based metabolomics investigation of ketoacidosis in streptozotocin-elicited diabetes      
Advisor: Dr. Chi Chen

Elizabeth Mishler, MS Nutrition Student 
The effectiveness of an online nutrition education intervention in preventing weight-gain in midlife women 
Advisor: Dr. Marla Reicks


Apr 9    
Mufan Guo, PhD Food Science Student
Storage stability of a commercial spray-dried egg yolk powder
Advisor: Dr. Ted Labuza


Apr 16    
Robert Skoro, MS Nutrition Student  
Foodways and "The Floating Population": Diet and Domestic Migration in Nanjing, China 
Advisor: Dr. Chery Smith

Alisa Prochaska, MS Nutrition Student
Metabolic Effects of Nutritive Sweeteners
Advisor: Dr. Susan Raatz


Apr 23   
Brian Folger, MS Food Science Student
Patulin degradation by yeast protein extract and analysis using Raman spectroscopy
Advisor: Dr. Baraem (Pam) Ismail

Aimee Tritt:  MS Nutrition Student 
Acceptability of whole-grain pizza crust among children in a restaurant setting
Advisors: Dr. Len Marquart and Dr. Marla Reicks 


Apr 30  
Understanding Chinese Medicinal Herb Quality Using Quantitative Descriptive Sensory Analysis
Amber (Xu) Guo
Advisor: Dr. Craig Hassel

May 7    
Afsaneh Makari, MS Food Science Student
Validation of the Effectiveness of Teaching Food Manager Certification
Advisor: Dr. Joellen Feirtag