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Dairy Products Judging Team - Regional and National Competitors!

dairy products team11/07/2012  On Saturday October 20th, the U of MN Food Science-INRA Rennes France Dairy Product Judging team competed at the Midwest Regionals at Kraft Foods in Glenview, IL.  As the first full judging team in many years, they gave an outstanding performance and  placed 3rd in Butter and 4th in Yogurt (out of 9 teams).  Individually, Ann Pataky placed 1st in Ice Cream and 2nd in Butter in the graduate student contest.  Magali Daccord placed 2nd in yogurt and 3rd in Cheddar while Pierre-Martin Sallard placed 3rd in Milk and 3rd in Ice Cream in the undergraduate contest.  Congratulations to all!

For Nationals, the team of Courtney Lasky, Bronwyn Deen, Alvin Andrews, and Ann Pataky competed on Nov. 2nd in Springfield, Missouri.  Sponsored by Dairiconcepts, 16 teams competed in the judging contest.  The U of M was 3rd in yogurt, 5th in milk, 6th in ice cream, cottage, and Cheddar, and 9th in butter.  Overall, there were 6th - a fantastic job for a new team with a new coach!  Individually, Bronwyn Deen was ranked 8th overall for all products and placed 2nd (yogurt), 4th (cottage cheese), and 6th (milk).  Courtney Lasky was 7th in yogurt and 8th in ice cream, and Alvin Andrews was 10th in milk.  Ann Pataky was the 2nd overall best graduate student.  She missed first place by one point!  Well done FScN team!! 

Pictured at right (left to right):   Claire Burrington, FSCN Undergraduate (alternate); Tonya Schoenfuss, FScN Professor; Courtney Lasky, FSCN Undergraduate; Magali Daccord, INRA Rennes, France, research intern; Bronwyn Deen, FSCN Undergraduate; Pierre-Martin Sallard, INRA Rennes, France, research intern; Ann Pataky, FSCN Graduate Student; Alvin Andrews, FSCN Undergraduate;  Ashley Adamski, FSCN Undergraduate (alternate); Tim Sia, FSCN Undergraduate (alternate)