Faculty Directory

Department of Food Science and Nutrition
1334 Eckles Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108
Main Office: 612-624-1290
Fax: 612-625-5272

Departmental Faculty

Name Position/Title Email
George Annor Ph.D., Assistant Professor and General Mills Endowed Professor in Cereal Chemistry and Technology gannor@umn.edu
David Baumler Ph.D., Assistant Professor dbaumler@umn.edu
Chi Chen Ph.D., Associate Professor chichen@umn.edu
Xiaoli Chen M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor and General Mills Chair in Genomics for Healthful Foods xlchen@umn.edu
Ryan B. Cox Associate Professor ryancox@umn.edu
A. Saari Csallany Ph.D., Professor ascsalla@umn.edu
Carrie P. Earthman Ph.D., R.D., L.D., Professor cearthma@umn.edu
Joellen Feirtag Ph.D., Associate Professor and Food Safety Specialist jfeirtag@umn.edu
Daniel D. Gallaher Ph.D., Professor, Interim Department Head dgallahe@umn.edu
Craig A. Hassel Ph.D., Associate Professor and Extension Nutritionist chassel@umn.edu
Baraem (Pam) Ismail Ph.D., Associate Professor and Food Science Major Coordinator bismailm@umn.edu
Renee Korczak Teaching Assistant Professor korcz005@umn.edu
Mindy S. Kurzer Ph.D., Professor and Director of UMN Healthy Foods, Healthy Lives mkurzer@umn.edu
Theodore P. Labuza Ph.D., Professor tplabuza@umn.edu
Allen S. Levine Ph.D., Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs, Professor, Director of Minnesota Obesity Center aslevine@umn.edu
Leonard F. Marquart Ph.D., R.D., Professor lmarquar@umn.edu
Lloyd E. Metzger Director of Midwest Dairy Center, Professor lloyd.metzger@sdstate.edu
Charles Muscoplat Ph.D., Professor cmuscop@umn.edu
Daniel J. O'Sullivan Ph.D., Professor dosulliv@umn.edu
Marla M. Reicks Ph.D., Professor, Extension Nutritionist, Director of Nutrition Graduate Studies mreicks@umn.edu
Gary A. Reineccius Ph.D., Professor greinecc@umn.edu
Renee Rosen Teaching Assistant Professor rarosen@umn.edu
Tonya C. Schoenfuss Associate Professor, Dairy Products Technology tschoenf@umn.edu
Joanne L. Slavin Ph.D., R.D., Professor jslavin@umn.edu
Chery F. Smith Ph.D., M.P.H., Professor csmith@umn.edu
David E. Smith Ph.D., Professor, Director of Graduate Studies in Food Science, Major Coordinator for Nutrition Undergraduate Program desmith@umn.edu
Zata M. Vickers Ph.D., Professor zvickers@umn.edu


Adjunct/Affiliate Faculty

Name Position/Title Email
Andrea Arikawa Adjunct Assistant Professor aarikawa@umn.edu
William A. Atwell Adjunct Assistant Professor atwel001@umn.edu
Sumana Bell Adjunct Assistant Professor sbell14@umn.edu
Mirko Bunzel Adjunct Associate Professor mbunzel@umn.edu
Teri Burgess-Champoux Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor tchampou@umn.edu
Tammy Butterick Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor butte017@umn.edu
Sailaja Chandrapati Adjunct Associate Professor chan0229@umn.edu
Susan Crockett Adjunct Professor crock071@umn.edu
Annette Dickinson Adjunct Professor annettedickinson@comcast.net
Ryan C. Fink Adjunct Assistant Professor rcfink@umn.edu
Mary Gannon Adjunct Professor ganno004@umn.edu
Blake Gosnell  Affiliate Research Professor bgosnell@umn.edu
Willie Hendrickson Adjunct Professor whendrickson@aveka.com
Satya Jonnalagadda Ph.D., Adjunct Associate Professor ssjonnal@umn.edu
Catherine M. Kotz Ph.D., Adjunct Professor kotzx004@umn.edu
Jillian K. Lampert Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D., L.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor jcroll@umn.edu
Vijay Mavanji Departmental Affiliate  mavan001@umn.edu
Joshua P. Nixon Adjunct Assistant Professor nixon049@umn.edu
Christine Nowakowski Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor cnowako@umn.edu
Claudio Perez Leighton Adjunct Assistant Professor perez087@umn.edu
Susan K. Raatz Ph.D., R.D., Ajdunct Professor raatz001@umn.edu
Mary K. Schmidl Adjunct Professor mschmidl@umn.edu
Alice C. Shapiro Ph.D., R.D., L.N., Adjunct Associate Professor, Division of Epidemiology and Community Health shapi013@umn.edu
Vijai Shukla Adjunct Professor gamma1948@hotmail.com
Patricia Splett Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D., Adjunct Associate Professor splet004@umn.edu
Jennifer A. Teske Adjunct Assistant Professor teskeja@umn.edu
Sabrina Trudo Affiliated Faculty trudo@umn.edu
Patrick A. Tschida Adjunct Associate Professor ptschida@umn.edu
Bernhard Van Lengerich Ph.D., Adjunct Professor vanle003@umn.edu
ChuanFeng Wang M.D., Ph.D., Affiliate Professor cwang@umn.edu
Peng Zhou Adjunct Associate Professor zhoux132@umn.edu