Message from the Interim Department Head

Gallaher headshotWelcome to Food Science and Nutrition!

Our Department is one of the premier academic units dedicated to advancing the knowledge, contributing to the careers of undergraduate and graduate students as well as reaching multiple audiences in the Sciences of Food and Nutrition. We offer multiple opportunities to further the education of professionals pursuing a B. S., M. S. and Ph. D. degree in two major disciplines: Nutrition and Food Science.

Our roster of 27 resident professors and more than 10 adjunct faculties are nationally and internationally recognized leaders in their specific scientific discipline. Our Department teaches more than 40 undergraduate and graduate courses. In the last five years we have had an average enrollment of roughly 350 Nutrition and 100 Food Science undergraduate students and 110 M. S. and Ph. D. students in both majors.

Our scientists publish an average of 100 peer-review publications every year in multiple research fields that include nutritional biochemistry, food chemistry, bioactive components, food safety, obesity, community nutrition, cereal science, food microbiology, flavor science, metabolomics, sensory science, dairy science, probiotics, genomics, role of food components on cancer and vascular diseases, whole grains, and alternative approaches to wellness. 

We appreciate your visit to our Internet portal. Please feel free to explore it and do not hesitate to contact us directly through the contact information page.

Daniel Gallaher, Ph.D. 

Interim Department Head and Professor